Wholesale Catnip

Written by Kevin Little
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Wholesale catnip is perfect for cat owners on a budget. For what product has a better cost/benefit ratio than catnip? When you think of how much cheaper a dose of catnip is then a movie ticket, the choice is obvious.

Of course, you already know how much fun catnip can be for you and your pet. Due to the active compound nepetalactone, catnip sends your kitty on a wild, wooly ride. And that's a whole lot more fun than a bad movie.

Wholesale Catnip Is Safe for Your Cat

Despite the sometimes startling reactions your cat may have to catnip, it is entirely non-toxic for your pet. The "catnip response" typically lasts 6 minutes, and will mirror some of your cat's hunting tendencies. Your kitty will start with a preliminary exploration before moving on to licking, then pawing, until at last your cat has satisfied his curiosity.

You may want to try smaller quantities before purchasing wholesale catnip, as not every cat responds to the siren's call of the nip. But if your cat is an avowed catnip fanatic, wholesale is a budget-friendly way to go. And it sure beats most stuff at the multiplex.

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