Aloe Vera Products

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Aloe vera products are widely used as burn remedies. The juice from the aloe vera plant--a short-stemmed succulent (Aloe barbadensis) native to the Mediterranean and grown in the tropics--is widely known as a skin softening agent and a body cleanser. It has been used by many peoples for thousands of years, from the ancient Greeks and Egyptians to the Chinese and Indians. Aloe vera products, therefore, are just as widely touted and used.

Where Do Aloe Vera Products Fit In?

In the course of general cell metabolism and digestion, enzymes shoulder much of the burden. Many are lost, naturally, during these processes. Aloe vera products help tremendously throughout the process--as foods are digested, nutrients are absorbed and assimilated and cells renew and grow.

Specifically, aloe vera products are very rich in vitamin C and amino acids. Vitamin C, we all know, promotes good circulation and is essential to the adrenal gland. Amino acids are the protein builders. Aloe vera juice, then, when used as a supplement, contributes significantly to a healthy digestive tract, smooth and healthy skin, and acts as a natural cleanser.

Given the variety of uses for aloe vera, it shouldn't be surprising that it comes in a variety of forms. Aloe vera lotion is used for sunburn in horses as well as people. Aloe vera shampoo is used for both skin and coat treatments as a conditioner and cleanser. Gels and jellies are useful for wounds. Spray aloe vera products are useful for larger animals such as horses and livestock.

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