Canada Pet Meds

Written by Shirley Parker
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Most pet medications prescribed or used in the United States are also sold in Canada, under the same brand name. If not, the generic name is listed for the benefit of the pet owner who wants to compare prices, as well as make sure the correct medicine is considered for purchase. Products are safe, since the Canadian government has strict regulations for quality. The prospective customer should also look for a full description of any pet medicine, including known side effects, before buying it anywhere, regardless of the source.

Most online pharmacies have live customer service with varying hours that try to accommodate the various time zones. The customer service representatives should gladly answer questions and take down orders or veterinarian contact information in the case of prescription meds. Reputable pharmacies will require veterinarian approval before shipping.

If you are comfortable ordering online from the pharmacy, that of course can be done securely at any hour of the day or night. Prices posted on Canadian pet meds websites are usually stated in U.S. dollars, or an easy-to-use currency converter is next to each item, as on a typical Australian website. Invoices will be detailed, so that you may file a claim with any pet insurance coverage that you might have.

Medications Generally Arrive within Three Weeks

Canadian non-prescription pet meds are usually shipped within two business days. Prescriptions may take up to eight or 10 business days for the initial order to be verified, reviewed by a licensed veterinarian, and filled. Shipping time won't take more than eight business days, as a rule. Shipping charges are very reasonable and orders within the same household can be combined into one account.

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