Cat Supplements

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Your cat is a little creature and it's a big world out there. Cat supplements might be in order to guard her against it. For no matter how imperiously she holds herself or disdainfully ignores you, she's domesticated and she's as susceptible as you are to the ill-effects of environmental conditions and poor health. You, as the provider of food and warm places to sleep, are the one to make sure that your cat gets the cat supplements she needs, if she does need them.

Does Your Cat Need Cat Supplements?

As long as you've established a good diet and eating patterns, and your cat doesn't have any particular allergies or conditions, you probably don't need to feed your cat supplements as well. Ensuring her health is your responsibility. You're doing that already, you say, with wholesome food and window seats and catnip mice and a clean litter box. This is fine, most of the time. But if you haven't been putting thought into her diet or simply aren't sure what sort of nutrition she's getting, you might want to investigate the benefits of cat supplements.

A healthy diet will already include the fish oils so rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, for example, and vitamins E and C (antioxidants). Your instincts will usually be on the mark. A cat has a powerful, if quiet, way of making it clear when something's amiss. When that's the case, be sure to talk with your veterinarian before adding cat supplements that you think may help her diet.

Sierra, a shorthaired red tabby, had suffered from hairballs for quite some time, despite the different anti-hairball foods her owner researched and tried feeding her. What worked was adding a half teaspoon of wheat bran with a tablespoon of water to Sierra's two daily meals. The combination of wheat bran and brushing several times a week were enough to stop the hairball problem altogether. Often, supplements do not need to be administered in vitamin form, but can rather be added to your cat's food, such as in this example.

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