Cod Liver Oil Benefits

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Cod liver oil benefits all of us, though most of us are familiar only with stories about it. A folk remedy for quite some time, at least up to the 17th century, cod liver oil is best known for its vile taste. These days, cod liver oil benefits are grudgingly accepted. First used in northern European countries--Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, and Norway--to protect against the extreme cold fishermen there were exposed to, the light yellow oil is taken from the liver of cod and several cod cousins.

Cod Liver Oil Benefits Everyone

An important source of Omega 3 fat, which is as most people know essential to good health, cod liver oil is also a rich source of vitamins A and D, which bolster the immune system and help metabolize calcium. It is used to help fight heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, and many other conditions.

Studies demonstrate that cod liver oil benefits include greater resistance to flu and cold, protection against premature births, increased energy levels, and mental sharpness. All these, of course, apply to domestic pets and animals as well as to their owners. We are all made of the same stuff, after all.

Ideal dosages vary according to a person or animal's weight, of course. A pint of cod liver oil, for example, will last a medium-sized dog (50 to 100 pounds) about three months. This is most often simply added to dry food and mixed with tastier meat juices to make it more palatable. If a dog or cat is choosy about what they will or will not eat, cod liver oil benefits can be obtained from capsules as well. These are also readily available.

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