Do Dogs Need Supplements

Written by daperrin
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If you haven’t realized this yet, then you might want to read further. Dog food is not enough to sustain your dog or cat for that matter. They need more than just the dog food you can offer them from the store. They need a healthy diet that will enable them to live long and happy lives. One way to make sure that your dog doesn’t develop health issues related to their eating habits is by offering them canine supplements. Arthritis is very common in dogs and the main reason the supplements tend to be added to their diet. However, you can prevent some diseases from becoming a nuisance just by offering the proper supplements before they begin to show signs of health issues. Even with arthritis you can prevent a lot of damage by giving your canine the proper supplements.

Arthritis is often under diagnosed by pet owners due to the signs or symptoms a dog or cat will show. Dogs tend to ignore their pain such as soreness in their limbs and joints. They will not allow their owners to know something is wrong until it becomes too much to handle. This is when the owner will begin to see limping or more vocal implications.

We will launch into the supplements to treat arthritis a little further on, but it is imperative for you to learn more about arthritis and its symptoms. When a pet has scar tissue, calcium deposits, cartilage tears or damage, or any other change to the bones surrounding their joints, it can lead to arthritis. The malformation in the joints can begin to rub away any cartilage that is left, resulting in further pain. This issue will continue, even when the appropriate nutrients are in their dog food.

There are multiple causes of arthritis in dogs. The most common involve a genetic malformation that is found in the bones, infection to the joints, torn tendons, obesity, and immunity-related problems. The joint begins to not work properly, which becomes irritated and sends pain or discomfort signals to the dog’s brain.

Common signs that a dog is suffering from arthritis include limping, reluctant to be as active as they were previously, or resting often. The changes in the joints or signs of arthritis can occur very rapidly. Your dog could be running and playing one day, and then limping the next. More than likely, they have been suffering with the arthritis but have only just begun to show the pain.

The supplements you add to your dog’s or cat's diet will not correct the issues they have with the joints, but it can help in other ways. For example the right nutrients can reduce inflammation in the joints that causes the most pain. You can also strengthen their bones and cartilage that is left with certain supplements.

The most common supplements released are “Glucosamine” and “Chondroitin Sulfate“. They have both been proven to provide the most relief for dogs suffering from arthritis. Both variations are also a much safer method than traditional drugs because they can be introduced in the dog’s diet. In addition, both supplements help to promote a natural healing of the tissue or joints. Omega Fatty Acids and Vitamin E are also great at helping to improve the body’s repairing ability.

Steroid drugs can be used such as Prednisone and non steroid drugs like aspirin can provide relief as long as the vet has prescribed them. They will not heal the joints. The supplements on the other hand can help promote healthy growth and repair of cells to relieve your dog’s pain. Your vet may also be able to recommend some helpful hints for easing your dog’s suffering.

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