Dr. Barry Sears

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Best known for his low-carb, high-protein Zone diet and holder of 13 patents in hormonal control and drug delivery, Dr. Barry Sears is a pioneer in nutritional research. The Zone diet is enormously popular these days. What you might not have known is that this diet can also work for overweight pets.

Dr. Barry Sears: The Zone

The key to a healthy diet and weight maintenance, he says, is the right ratio of carbohydrates to protein to fat in your daily diet. The goal is to maintain stable blood sugar levels. Ideal meals, of which there should be five daily, are high in protein, fruits, and vegetables, and low in saturated fats with minimal carbohydrates, such as pasta and bread. The result, Dr. Barry Sears maintains, is more glucagon and less insulin. Glucagon is the hormone that releases glycogen from the liver to burn stored fat for energy.

Author of the New York Times' bestseller The Zone, published in 1995, Sears has written eight other books on nutrition. Five are directly related to his basic Zone theory. The first is Mastering the Zone (1997), the second is The Anti-Aging Zone (1999), third is A Week in the Zone (2000), fourth is The Soy Zone (2000), and fifth is 100 Top Zone Foods (2001).

The most recent of the books Dr. Barry Sears has written is The Omega RX Zone. Published in 2003, it explains the value of the Omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil. Dr. Sears has recently joined forces with Dr. Jane Bicks, a noted animal health specialist, to formulate a Zone-based diet for pets.

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