Home Based Business

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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If you're thinking about a home based business, ask yourself two questions and answer them honestly. Are you self-disciplined? Are you resilient? You need to be both. You also need to be realistic. The work will be hard, the hours long, and the income not always steady. Success means making a go of it, supporting yourself, paying your quarterly taxes on time, and being resourceful.

There are, of course, many rewards to having your own home based business. That's what makes the idea so attractive. There's no commute, a comfortable dress code, and an amenable boss. You won't get rich quickly, however. Do not expect to do so.

Helpful Hints about a Home Based Business

Your home based business can be almost anything you want it to be. The Small Business Administration's advocacy office, for example, reports that more than 50 percent of all small business in the United States is already home based. You might want to set up shop for computer programming, acupuncture, selling skin care products, or something else altogether. You'll need both a marketing plan and a realistic grasp of the income you can expect. You might want to start at the Small Business Administration website, which offers valuable resources and links for anyone getting started.

You will need an office, whether it's an entire room or only part of one. This is important, among other reasons, because it is the basis for all your tax calculations. Remember to either consult with an accountant or turn your paperwork over to one. There's no good argument against toeing the Internal Revenue Service line.

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