Internet Business

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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We've all seen advertisements about Internet business opportunities that will bring you thousands each week. We ignore them and move onwards, with good reason. There are, however, legitimate opportunities out there on the Internet. Sadly, they tend to get lost in the shuffle. This is a pity. Working for yourself is very rewarding. Among other things, it means--or can mean--that you're doing what you enjoy and earning money while doing so.

One way to recognize legitimate Internet business opportunities is that, almost without exception, they tend to offer either additional or moderate income. It is always true that you'll get out of an opportunity only what you put into it. Sometimes this means a small monetary investment, whether in office supplies or product samples, or by designing and maintaining a website.

A Few Internet Business Ideas

Typical opportunities are often a feature to add to an existing website related to the subject at hand that can garner you a modest monthly or quarterly check. For example, a website designer or programmer might want to feature the company from whom they buy web hosting space or Internet service. Sales generated through the reseller's website earn a rate discount or a cash return. Writers and editors do much the same thing with an Amazon affiliation, by "selling" a book they've written, designed, or edited (not directly but via a link to Amazon).

Some Internet business opportunities, however, are more focused and dedicated. You might want to try setting up shop as a distributor or field representative for a product that interests you in one way or another. Health care, beauty supplies, and specialized pet products are but three possibilities.

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