Natural Health Care Products

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Natural health care products emphasize a holistic approach. It means letting your body take care of your health by itself whenever possible. It can generally do this efficiently as long as you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

This does mean using natural health care products instead of those derived from or incorporating chemicals and synthetics. This, in turn, means reading a lot of product labels and avoiding chemicals and preservatives whenever possible. It means not being fooled or distracted by symptoms. Your body generally knows more than you. Listen to it.

What Do We Mean by "Natural Health Care Products"?

The first thing we usually think of when we hear a reference to natural health care products are natural medicines. Garlic, for example, will kill a virus quickly. Golden seal is nature's penicillin, Echinacea a stalwart for your immune system. There are herbs and organic foods that accomplish these goals. Remember, though, that California is the only state or province in North America that regulates organic farming and can therefore attest to such claims.

No single vitamin, diet, or exercise program can ensure good health. Good health is a fabric woven from physical, emotional, spiritual and mental self care. In our chemical, industrial, and highly-stressed world of the 20th and 21st centuries, good health requires much repair and maintenance. Natural health care products can help us rebuild good health, however, and then maintain it.

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