Pet Meds Coupons

Written by Shirley Parker
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Other than those for flea control products, pet meds coupons are not often seen in the Sunday newspaper. However, it's a good source of coupons for pet food and other grocery and drugstore products that we buy frequently. That's assuming we have the time to flip through the inserts and clip out the coupons before they expire. Like many other households, mine is spread too thin and juggling too many responsibilities. Many of us spend money we don't have instead of time we should have.

Occasionally, pet meds coupons arrive by way of the mail carrier, in a direct marketing campaign, but they are about as rare as the newspaper variety. So what a surprise it was to discover a vast array of online coupons for almost anything a person would need to buy, including pet medications. Of course, most have expiration dates and may not coincide with exactly what we need. But the opportunity didn't exist a few years ago.

In the early days, coupons could only be printed out in black-and-white. Personally, I thought for sure that checkout personnel in stores would assume them to be illegal photocopies of the original. Because some checkers did look at the coupons as though they were fake, I gave up trying to use them for a year or so. Today, I usually don't print out coupons on the color inkjet because color ink cartridges are too expensive to waste. But no one bats an eyelid when I offer black-and-white laser printed coupons in payment.

Using Pet Meds Coupons

Anyone with access to the Internet can play for hours, looking up coupons from major department stores, pet supply chains, and more. A word of caution is that an element of frustration may be present in getting to the actual coupon to print it out. Bluntly put, some sites run you around before you can click on the actual coupon. Your veterinarian may be able to accept some internet coupons for prescription pet medicines; the bookkeeper will send them in to the supplier for reimbursement. Other coupons can only be used online.

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