Pet Meds Stores

Written by Shirley Parker
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Prescription and non-prescription medications are available in traditional brick 'n mortar stores, whether they're located in a small town or in a suburban shopping mall. Newly rehabilitated downtowns are also attracting shopping malls. This makes it easier for residents who may have been riding two buses to get to a store that carries multiple brands of pet food and supplies among the "people" foods.

This is not to put down the Mom and Pop establishments. Bless them! They're still the independent backbone of this country and their customers love the proprietors. It's simply that they usually carry a much smaller inventory, especially of pet medicines, and prices tend to be somewhat higher.

When a pet owner has access to the Internet, whether at home, school, or the public library, a world of choices opens up. Online stores that carry pet medicines have a huge selection, and price savings may be substantial. Since items are lightweight, shipping charges shouldn't be outrageous. If they seem to have a very high minimum or flat rate shipping, the competition may offer a better deal. First time shoppers should look very carefully at who is sponsoring the site and what recommendations they display. The order page should be secure. If not, go elsewhere immediately.

No Pet Medications at the Local Pharmacy

It's very unlikely that the local chain pharmacy will be able to fill veterinary prescriptions, unless they have a backup arrangement with a local animal hospital. As a rule, the equipment and chemicals simply aren't available there and the pharmacist hasn't received training in veterinary medicine. But they may have a limited selection of non-prescription pet meds. Call first to save yourself a trip. When looking for pet medications, it's worth trying some of the regular pharmacies online.

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