Pet Mineral Supplements

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The simple truth is that the processed pet foods so many of us rely on are probably well short of essential minerals, enzymes, and vitamins--and pet mineral supplements are one of the few ways we can help offset this imbalance. Supplements are fast becoming a new way to give our pets what their diets lack--no longer are supplements just for people. If you think your pet's diet is inadequate, consider giving him or her pet supplements.

A Few Whats and Whys on Pet Mineral Supplements

Dietary supplements can, of course, be used in any number of forms--capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, tinctures, to list several. They can be whole foods (bee pollen, for example) or a specific portion of a food, such as wheat germ.

Pet mineral supplements are most often administered to bring your pet's body back into its natural balance during or after illness or injury, or to help your pet cope with a chronic condition such as an allergy. They can be, and should be, used preventatively as well. Because of how we have treated our environment, our soils are not as rich and fertile as they were, and our foods and those we prepare for our pets are shy of elements essential to optimal health. Pet mineral supplements are prepared and advocated as one way to address the problem.

"How does this environmental problem show itself in pets?" you ask. "And what," you continue swiftly, "are some of these 'normal' health conditions that pet mineral supplements can help alleviate?" Allergies, arthritis, constipation, ear infection, flatulence, hip problems, parasites, eczema, sinus problems, cancer, sprains, eating disorders, heart problems, breathing problems, flea infestations, environmental stresses, whelping, and the frailties of old age, just to name a few. If you want to help your pet ease or avoid any of the above conditions, do some online research and find out if pet supplements are right for your pet.

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