Premium Pet Food

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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What do we mean by premium pet food? Obviously we are trying to convey the idea of a best in class or best in show. Sadly, rather a number of people have the same idea.

We therefore see the phrase "premium pet food" bandied about and repeated with almost wild abandon. We even have super premium food for our pets. Several companies have managed to work the word "premium" into their corporate name, sometimes the entire phrase "premium pet food" into a tagline. Manufacturers and vendors of similar products are content to repeat it endlessly in advertising.

The only part of the phrase left with any meaning is the "pet food" portion. And that is a dry and tasteless sound that has its place on supermarket directory signs, with a number after it, so you know the aisle where you'll find the products you probably don't want to buy. But you don't want to give your pet food that's only second best. You love that waving tail and goofy mouth with the soulful eyes (dog), the bored and baleful stare (cat). If you didn't, you wouldn't be searching for healthy food and articles. We're getting somewhere, no?

What Do We Want Premium Pet Food to Be?

Premium pet food will have no additives, no preservatives, no dyes, no artificial flavors, and a low ash content. It will be high on meat--real meat, beef perhaps, or turkey, or chicken, or pork. Premium pet food will be low on animal by-products you can identify (liver). It will have no animal by-products you can't identify (if they aren't willing to tell you, you don't want to know). Premium pet food will be high in Omega 3 fatty acids and low on carbohydrates. Premium pet food is beginning to mean something, isn't it? Good, it should mean something--and your pets deserve only the best.

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