Prescription Pet Meds

Written by Shirley Parker
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Prescription medications for pets are rarely inexpensive. Like human medicine, their cost has gone up over the past decade. As pet owners or guardians, we have to find a way to afford the prescriptions that will restore our pets to good health when needed. It's not crass to want to lower that cost, but sometimes it can't be done.

Many pet medicines don't require a prescription or there are non-prescription alternatives. But it's unwise to "play doctor" without doing a great deal of research. Just reading the labels on products at the pet store may not be enough. A subscription to a specific pet magazine will keep you updated on what's new. A subscription to a veterinary newsletter geared toward pet owners is even better. One example among several fine publications is Catnip from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.

In addition, holistic practitioners will look at the entire environment and history of the pet to determine what's really causing the problem. Stress, for example, can play havoc with their health, as well as our own. Getting the owner to take back control of the source of the stress, such as bullying by another pet, may eliminate the need for a long-term prescription.

When Only a Prescription Will Help

Everything from heartworm medication for dogs to antibiotics for cats or anti-ulcer medicine for horses can be ordered online, sometimes at a lower price. Some items will only be sold to veterinarians who provide their state veterinary license numbers. Other medications can be sold to the pet owner after the site contacts the prescribing veterinarian to obtain the order.

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