Wholesale Pet Meds

Written by Shirley Parker
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Veterinary hospitals definitely need to purchase pet medications on a wholesale basis. Any successful practice will go through a substantial amount of vaccines, pills, powders that need to be mixed into liquid format, topical salves and ointments, and so forth. Licensed animal breeders will also buy in quantity, whether they raise farm animals, thoroughbred horses, exotic species, or hounds that hunt.

It's perhaps less obvious that the individual pet owner might have occasion to buy in bulk. But a six-month supply of diabetes-related medication or a heart medicine might be reasonable. Many medicines need to be refrigerated, so the possibility of power outages has to be recognized.

Many online sources supply pet meds at a bulk price, although some links just go to an annoying directory of sub-directories and then to more links. If you're a consumer with normal patience, you won't continually click to reach something of interest that should have been available right away. Legitimate sources for pet meds will not require you to go through these sorts of hoops.

Can I Buy Wholesale from Overseas?

Sometimes, during your search, you'll wind up in another country, so will have to backtrack again. However, that kind of diversion can be very interesting, as you read about another nation's pricing and high standards. You may find an exceptionally good price, low shipping costs, or something you can't find at all in your own country's warehouses. As always, read carefully and make sure that the manufacturing standards are equally high for whatever sources they use. These should be indicated on the website. Also, look for customs or other import restrictions.

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