Written by Beth Hrusch
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Treatment of Bacterial Infections in Animals

Possibly the common antibiotic prescribed for both humans and animals is amoxicillin. This drug is related to penicillin and is used to treat bacterial infections. It does this by preventing the production of cell walls in the organism. Some examples of infections in animals that are treated with this drug are wound and skin, tooth abscesses and bladder infections. It is not effective against viruses or parasites.

Precautions and Interaction

Amoxicillin can cause side effects in animals, particularly if used in conjunction with other antibiotics such as tetracycline. Diarrhea can occur because this drug affects the levels of bacteria in the pet's intestines. Allergy to penicillin drugs is common, therefore, this drug should not be given to an animal with known allergy to penicillin.

Amoxicillin in Two Forms

This antibiotic comes in tablet or liquid oral suspension. It may be taken two or three times a day, as prescribed by a veterinarian. It is available under a number of trade names and generic formulations. Improper use of this drug may result in bacterial resistance, which renders the antibiotic ineffective; therefore, it is important that dosage instructions be followed carefully, and the full course be taken.

This drug is available wherever pet medical supplies are found. This could include discount pet supply outlets or pet supply catalogs.

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