Cat Cages

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cat cages are mainly used by breeders, shelters, vets and pet stores, so sturdiness and durability are important. It is crucial to buy cat cages large enough for the animal to move around freely, because a cat confined in too small a space will pine and sicken. Easy sanitizing, of course, is also a requirement.

Cat Cages for Breeders

One variety of enclosure available for breeders is the queen pen, a cage for pregnant cats and nursing mothers. These pens can be stacked, or joined together to make larger enclosures. They come with recessed litter pans and kittening trays, and can be customized with various bowls, beds and privacy panels.

Be certain the door is large enough to give easy access to both the cat and the litter, and that the hinges are strong enough to withstand constant use. A piano-style hinge that runs the whole length of the door is preferable to hinges at top and bottom. The floor should not be wire, as it hurts the cat's paws, so it should have something solid for the cat to walk on.

Don't neglect to put something in cat cages for stimulation. A scratching post or piece of carpet is an absolute minimum. You should also have toys in the cage, especially hanging toys, and change them often to prevent boredom. And above all else, be sure to take them out often for exercise, and a little petting and affection. Cats are independent creatures, yes, insofar as they require minimal maintenance. But that doesn't mean they don't appreciate a cuddle now and then.

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