Cat Doors

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cat doors make life a whole lot easier for those of us who cohabit with this wandering tribe. Cats are free spirits by nature, and prefer to come and go at their whim, which can keep us busier than the doorman at the Ritz. It's true, as the saying goes, that dogs have owners and cats have staff.

Cat doors have come a long way since the first frustrated cat owner sawed a hole in the door and hung a hinged flap on it. Today you can choose from electronic cat doors, air-lock insulated doors, doors for sliders or windows, and motorized doors. With all of these to choose from, online shopping makes it easier to compare different models.

Electronic Cat Doors

If your cat is willing to wear a collar, electronic cat doors offer efficiency and security. A sensor on the door picks up a signal from a transmitter on the cat's collar and allows the door to open. This prevents stray cats and other animals from taking advantage of your hospitality. The more advanced varieties can even tell what direction the signal is coming from, and only opens when the cat is directly facing the door. This prevents the door from opening and closing unnecessarily when the cat is just wandering by.

Security is an important issue when choosing cat doors. Some varieties come with a deadbolt, while for others you have to install a separate panel. Also, be certain that the door cannot be unscrewed from its berth and removed from the outside.

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