Cat Furniture

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cat furniture is a category that includes not only beds and litter box covers, but scratching posts, cat condos, kitty gyms, cat trees and hideaways. Indoor cats, especially, need hideaways, places to climb and places to scratch. If you'd like to keep your own furniture looking good, cat furniture is the way to go.

Cat Furniture: Scratching Posts

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and cats gotta scratch, a lot. Scratching removes built-up dead tissue on the claws, keeps them sharp, and wears them down so they don't grow so long they hurt the cat when retracted. Outdoors, cats scratch on trees and wear their claws down walking on rough ground. Indoors, you need a scratching post.

Scratching posts are covered with carpet or sisal, to give the cat good resistance. Kitty condos and trees incorporate scratching in their design, either with carpet covering or sisal-wrapped legs. Kitty condos also serve as hideaways, and if tall enough, can fulfill the climbing urge as well. Cat trees are for climbing and scratching, and many sites allow you to customize your cat furniture to include hammocks, tunnels and other extras.

I've never known a cat who really used a bed. Cats generally prefer to find their own favorite spots, which may vary from week to week, sometimes in strict rotation. As for litter box covers, they may look neater -- and I've seen furniture-style cabinets that wouldn't look out of place in a living room -- but there is always the danger that litter out of sight won't be cleaned as often.

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