Cat Supplies

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Cat Supplies Promote Feline Well-Being

As all cat owners know, the cat is the king or queen of the castle, and as such need the cat supplies that will assure their feeling of security. While cats are notoriously self-sufficient, they still rely on their humans to provide the "creature comforts" that make them feel good in their surroundings.

Cats love having their own things. They are territorial and sensitive to intrusion. Giving them items meant just for them can make them feel secure. Cat houses and furniture can provide your cat or kitten with its own private place. Scratching posts fulfill a cat's natural desire to sharpen its claws. And kitty gyms create a place where your cat can get exercise and have fun.

Promoting Quality Time with your Cat

Anything that encourages time for companionship with your cat will strengthen the bond between human and animal and make your cat happy. Give kitty her own afghan for her spot on the couch, and spend time there with her. Toy mice and jingling balls can be tossed to simulate prey, bringing out your cat's love of the hunt. Cat toys excite your cat's natural curiosity and love of play.

Health and Nutrition

There is a wide variety of products available to ensure your cat's long and productive life. Keep your kitten healthy with quality dry food designed just for them. Cat and kitten food provides taurine, which prevents heart disease and blindness in cats. Medications are readily available from vets and stores that specialize in cat supplies, which will meet the specific needs of felines. The prevention of feline leukemia, FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and feline anemia are of special concern.

With the right products, your cat can enjoy optimum health and happiness!

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