Choosing A Dog Tag

Written by An Do
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Know your dog. Is your pet active and hyper or lethargic and mellow? The kind of material and style that you choose for a dog tag greatly hinges upon the needs and activities of your four-legged friend. Let's explore our options.

If you are choosing a dog tag for a lazier pet, consider brass. Although brass does discolor and is a soft metal, the brass wears nicely and yields a soft look. You could always pull out the brass dog ID tag for a special occasion, such as a competition or a commercial.

If your pet has a lot of spunk and engery, you may want to go with a stainless steel tag. However, if you are concerned with cost, plastic tags are a durable and affordable way to protect your pet from loss. Plastic tags do, however, fade in color over time.

Function and Fashion

Know what you want. Choosing a dog tag is all about creativity and a personal touch. Keep in mind that dog tags can be customized to be in the shape of a bone, heart, dog, and more. Also, keep in mind color and print options when choosing a dog tag, but above all have fun!

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