Discount Vet Supplies

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Vet Supplies at Discount Prices

The pet care professional can benefit from finding a good source of discount vet supplies. Vets often shop where pet owners do- at wholesale pet supply stores.

While the public can get good prices on the items they need, vets, pharmacies and breeders will usually get professional discounts not available to the average shopper. Vets can write out a prescription for antibiotics or tranquilizers, and the pet owner can then get the medication directly from the vet supply store.

Discount Vet Supplies for Your Pet

The same products available to vets are often available to the public. If you are training your dog or cat, behavior modification tools such as anti-bark and remote collars can be found at wholesale pet supply. The same dental care products recommended by vets, such as wipes, brushes and oral sprays are obtainable without prescription through vet supply. High-quality food for all animals used to be purchased exclusively through a vet's office. Now brands such as Nutro, known for being more completely digestible, are found at sources that carry discount vet supplies.

Order vet supplies from the same places that professionals do! You will be amazed at the selection and savings. Take advantage of what pet supply stores have to offer and your pets will have everything they need to live long, happy lives.

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