Dog Beds

Written by Sarah Provost
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Dog beds come in an amazing variety of shapes and styles, with all kinds of options to help you pamper your pooch. A basic dog bed is essentially a round or rectangular cushion filled with foam, polyester fiber or polystyrene beads. But that doesn't begin to describe the range of dog beds for sale online.

Customizable Dog Beds

Some manufacturers allow you to put together a customized bed, choosing shape, fill, size and fabric in whatever combination you please. Then there are the extras, such as waterproof linings, cedar added to the fill and chew-proof covers. There are dog beds with heat and massage functions for arthritic dogs, orthopedic cushions of "egg crate" foam, and absorbent pads for bed-wetters. There's also a ceramic disk that can be heated in the microwave and slipped under the cover of the dog's bed to provide long-lasting heat, especially good for puppies and arthritic dogs.

Styles of dog beds range from the strictly utilitarian pad to brass and wicker pagodas. There are burrowing beds, tent beds, corner beds, outdoor beds, mini-sofas, nests, and one that looks like a canvas lawn chair, with a single sheet of fabric laced to a frame to make a hammock-style bed. These are especially recommended for avid chewers.

Fabrics, too, run the gamut from camo canvas to denim to microsuede or faux leather. Sheepskin is a popular choice, especially for nest-style beds. And if bright retro prints fit into your decor better than fleece, they're available in several neon colors. Spend a few minutes shopping online to see all your many choices, then pick the bed that you think best suits your pet.

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