Dog Shampoos

Written by Sarah Provost
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Dog shampoos are an important part of caring for your pet. Besides dealing with that luscious garbage he just rolled in, dog shampoos moisturize your dog's skin and coat, soothe itching, and protect against fleas and ticks. And when you don't have time to give your pal a full bath, there are a variety of wipes and waterless shampoos for a quick touchup, and colognes to cover up D.O.

Dog Shampoos Help Fight the Itch

Medicated dog shampoos contain insecticides to fight against ticks and fleas. It's important, especially with long-haired breeds, to work the lather thoroughly into the coat, being sure it reaches the skin. It's also important to rinse well, especially if your dog has a tendency to lick. Check the label carefully to be sure you're choosing a product appropriate for your dog's age and size.

Many shampoos also contain colloidal oatmeal to soothe the itching that results from flea bites, allergies, rashes or other kinds of canine dermatitis. Wipes, mitts, foams and sprays, when combined with a good brushing, can extend the time between baths. There are also wipes that reduce the amount of loose dander on your dog's coat, which can greatly reduce symptoms in allergy sufferers and detangler sprays for that cocker spaniel's knotty ears.

Did you know there are also "brightening" shampoos for white dogs and "color enhancing" shampoos for brown and black-haired dogs? And almost all dog shampoos contain emollients and conditioners to detangle your dog's hair and make it shine. A nicely groomed dog is a beautiful sight. Just try to keep him out of that yummy garbage for an hour or two.

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