Hunting Dog Supplies

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Hunting Dog

Outdoorsmen who enjoy birding need hunting dog supplies to make the experience effective and enjoyable. Many products specific to the sport also assist in the training of hunting dogs. Hunting dogs--also known as bird dogs--are a class of dog made up of the breeds designed for "pointing", or finding and hunting game. Examples of such breeds are the German Shorthaired Pointer, Weimaraner, Brittany, all setters and English Pointers.

Some organizations include retrievers and hounds. All bird dogs have characteristics which lend themselves to following scent and staying on the trail, such as a keen sense of smell and a tenacious desire to find the prize.

Hunting Dog Supplies for the Sportsman

Those interested in the sport of birding must have a well-trained and reliable hunting dog their side. To achieve this, the proper supplies are necessary. For training the bird dog, remote beeper/trainer collars are essential. Many have a range of 1/2 mile for keeping an electronic eye on the dog-in-training. Lighted collars are helpful for finding wandering bird dogs in the dark, as are bells attached to the collar. Launchers throw dummy birds when training a dog to retrieve game. Bird calls and harnesses attract and recover birds. Scent can be purchased to show a hunting dog which kinds of game to go for.

Other items help the birder himself. Carrying crates and game totes bring home the catch. Camouflage gear works to keep the hunter hidden from view. All are available through pet supply catalogs or pet supply stores. Hunting dog supplies give the birder and his dog a greater chance for success in the field.

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