Metal Identification Tags

Written by An Do
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Not all metal identification tags are created equal. Some metal pet tags are more durable and discolor less than others. However, keep in mind that discoloration of some metals offers a warm color that nicely complements the tag.

The Good Metal ID Tags

Stainless steel pet IDs are widely considered the best of the metal identification tags for their durability and resistance to rust. If you select stainless steel dog tags, it is advisable to have the tags engraved instead of stamped. Engraving allows for a sharper and clearer image in stainless steel than stamping.

The Bad

Due to the softness of the metal and its susceptibility to wear, aluminum is considered an unsound investment in the safety of your pet and is viewed as the worst choice for metal identification tags. In addition aluminum, when worn down, has a cheap dull gray appearance. If you are looking for something more affordable than stainless steel, I would suggest that you steer clear of aluminum and perhaps invest in a sturdy plastic tag.

The Pretty

A word of warning: brass tags are made of a soft metal and do discolor. However, the discoloration, which is a product of the tag rubbing against your pet's skin, results in a pretty golden color. Many find the warm hue given to the pet name tag to be handsome and stylish.

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