Outdoor Flea Control

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Flea Prevention Starts Outside

Outdoor flea control is essential to controlling indoor infestation of your pet and home. There are several ways to reduce the likelihood that your yard and home will become attractive to fleas. Keeping lawns and tall weeds mowed will create a drier, less ideal environment for fleas. Do not place sand or piles of gravel near the home for long periods of time, as fleas find these to be perfect places to lay eggs. A dog which is leashed is less likely to come into contact with infested animals.

Other Preventative Measures

Another way to achieve outdoor flea control is to prevent rodents and small animals from nesting near your home. Seal vents and chimneys, and inspect crawlspaces for crevices where mice, squirrels and raccoons might enter the home. Some products such as Knockout come as foggers that can be used outside to kill fleas in the environment.

Outdoor Flea Control at the Hot Spots

Animal pens, dog houses and kennels should be treated with a hand sprayer. Sandy soil and gravel driveways are preferred by fleas and also must be fogged or sprayed. Sweep porches and mow the grass frequently. When spraying with insecticide, water the ground first to bring the larvae to the surface.

Following a program of outdoor sanitation will keep fleas off of your pet and out of your house, thereby preventing possible problems resulting from flea infestation. You can find good flea products at wholesale pet supply stores and through pet supply catalogs.

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