Pet Containment Systems

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pet containment systems can keep your pet in a restricted area without unsightly fencing. There are several kinds available, for use with different layouts and different sizes of animals. There are indoor and outdoor systems, systems that are permanently installed, and systems that are portable.

The most common pet containment systems use a buried wire to define the containment area, which can be of any size and configuration you want. As your pet approaches, a transmitter on its collar signals its distance and speed of approach. A warning noise is sounded, and if the animal continues to approach, shocks are administered in escalating intensity. Look for those with a digital signal, to filter out environmental waves that could trigger false shocks.

Wireless Pet Containment Systems Can Be Portable

There are two basic varieties of wireless pet containment systems. Both utilize a receiver that sends out a signal from the center. Those designed for outdoor use can cover a reasonably large area, but the only possible shape for the containment zone is a circle. They also need a flat terrain with no obstacles that might block the system. These are only suitable for dogs of 15-45 pounds, since smaller dogs can't wear the large collar and large dogs can run through the signal. These systems can be easily moved, and can be adapted to run off your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Indoor systems have a small receiver that you place on furniture, near garbage cans, or anywhere you want to keep your out. These use sonic corrections rather than shock, so they are suitable for any size dog and even cats. Note that these systems are designed to keep pets away from an area, whereas the other systems are intended to confine pets within an area.

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