Pet Crates

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pet crates come in several categories, so you need to ask yourself what the primary use of this crate is to be. Is this to be your dog's den inside your home? Do you intend to travel a lot with your dog, and if so, by car or airplane? Will you be using the crate to housebreak a puppy?

Folding Pet Crates

Crates made of wire, which can be collapsed for storage, are an excellent choice if you intend to travel by car. These pet crates are lighter than the more traditional drop-pin crates, and easier to set up and take down. They also make good crates for home training. If you are buying your crate for a puppy, it is suggested that you purchase a crate to fit the expected size of the adult dog, and add a divider panel to keep it the right size for housebreaking your pup.

Drop-pin crates are the older, more traditional style. They are intended for semi-permanent installation as your pet's "den" within the home. Put it in an area that's out of the main traffic pattern, but not isolated from the family. Since this is meant to be your dog's home, never put him in the crate as punishment. Also, never put a dog in a crate with a choke collar on or with a leash attached to any collar.

Soft-sided pet crates are like tents for your dog. The sides are made of canvas over a tubular frame. Some have windows on all side, while others are open only at the front. They have non-skid feet and stakes to hold them in place. Note that these are not suitable for puppies, chronic chewers or aggressive dogs.

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