Pet Id

Written by An Do
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Don't get too caught up in experimenting with shapes, sizes, and styles! The most important aspect of your pet ID is what information you put on it. You'll want to include your pet's name, your phone number, and possibly your address.

Pet ID Factors to Think About

Before ordering your pet ID, consider which style best suits your pet's needs. For more active and adventurous pets, you may want to steer clear of soft metals such as aluminum, which wear quickly. The best bet for durability are plastic or stainless steel pet ID tags.

After including all of the vital information, release your creative side. Jazz up your pet ID by choosing the color and shape that suits your pet's personality. The pet name tags come in a variety of shapes from whimsical cat and dog shapes to practical circles.

Nothing ensures the safe return of a lost pet better than a pet ID. Having all your pet's information readily available on a pet tag will allow the person who finds your pet to contact you quickly. In addition to giving you some peace of mind, pet name tags also give your pet a little bit of style.

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