Pet Odor Eliminators

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are literally thousands of pet odor eliminators on the market ... which gives you some idea of how serious a problem pet odor can be. While there are pet odor eliminators for litter boxes, skunk spray, doggie breath, and even a digestive aid to reduce flatulence, the most difficult problem is removing odors of feces and urine from carpeting and furniture. Once a spot is marked, the scent will draw the animal back to use it again, even if you can't smell it.

The first step in breaking an animal of using your carpet is to find all stains, old and new. A black light can be helpful for this. Even the oldest stains can attract another "accident," so be sure you have found all of them. If they are many, clean the whole carpet. DO NOT use a steam cleaner. The heat will bond the protein into the fibers, permanently setting both the odor and the stain. While some recommend using a vinegar rinse, most experts feel that strong odors such as vinegar and ammonia may actually encourage your pet to use the spot again, to reinforce their own scent.

If the accident has just happened, remove as much of the fresh urine as possible by standing on a thick layer of paper towels and newspaper. Take the soaked papers to the animal's approved toilet area. Rinse the area with plain water, and then use any of the many pet odor eliminators on the market. Again, do not use harsh chemicals. For old stains, especially those that have been cleaned before with chemicals, the best solution is to use an extractor, which forces water into the fiber and then suctions it out. Again, use only plain water in the extractor.

Pet Odor Eliminators for Litter

Ammonia odors in cat litter boxes or the litter of small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and the like, can get pretty nasty, but there really is no need for expensive additives to neutralize the smell. In fact, if the additive has its own scent, it may discourage the animal from using the litter at all. The best solution is to change the litter frequently and put a layer of baking soda on the bottom of the pan before adding new litter.

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One of the good things about

One of the good things about having a guinea pig as a pet is that, with proper diet, there will be no need for odor elimination. I found fair source of information on Good article, though!