Pet Ramps

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pet ramps make life a lot easier for elderly animals, those with joint problems, or those that are just too darn small to jump up where they want to. There are ramps for both indoor and outdoor use, most of which fold for easy storage. You may need several different ramps for different uses.

Indoor Pet Ramps

The better pet ramps for use in the house are generally made of furniture-grade wood with carpeting for traction. Since pets indoors seldom need to get up on anything higher than a bed, the ramps can be shorter, and thus thinner and lighter. If you are going to leave the ramp in one place, such as beside the bed, look for one with a platform top, which makes it easier for the animal to get on and off the ramp. If you're going to move it around, a plain ramp will be easier to handle.

Outdoors, your pet may need to get into a high truck bed, for example, and will need a longer ramp so it's not so steep a climb. Most outdoor pet ramps are made of aluminum, with anti-slip embossing or rubber matting. They are designed to fold easily so you can take them along with you. One clever design allows the ramp to be converted to a grooming or utility table.

When introducing pet ramps to your animal, take it slowly. One good idea is to put the ramp flat on the ground for a few days and walk the dog over it now and then. Feed the animal on the ramp while it is flat, then begin to raise it by degrees. Put a treat at the end, and encourage your pet to walk up to it. Lots of praise and a little patience, plus the reward of a ride at the end, will make most animals learn to love their ramp.

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