Pet Supply Catalog

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pet Supply Shopping at Home

The pet supply catalog takes an old idea and makes it useful for the pet owner. Catalogs have, for decades, been the medium of choice for people looking for selection, customer service and convenience. With the explosion of growth in the pet care industry, pet supply companies have taken advantage of this already popular method of shopping to reach this vast market.

Catalog and Mail Order

Many pet supply catalogs may have started as a tool of mail-order companies made up of vets or even just pet owners who found a need for better selection in pet care items. The mail-order business has boomed in recent years, thanks to the desire of busy people to be able to shop from home and have items delivered right to their doors.

Imagine never running out of your cat's favorite food or the toy your dog can't do without. The pet supply catalog makes it possible to buy in quantity and have the convenience of home delivery.

Is the Pet Supply Catalog for You?

That depends! Do you like ordering from home, having customer service available by phone- often 24 hours a day- and having the best selection of cheap pet supplies available? Pet supply catalogs will make ordering your pet's products easier, and everyone can agree on that!

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