Pet Surgical Supplies

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Supplies for the Veterinarian

Veterinarians need many tools and pet surgical supplies to properly diagnose and treat the variety of challenges that they face in their offices. The right equipment can make the difference in the quality of care that the vet can provide to his animal patients. Many resources are available to the professional, and vet supplies are easily obtained through pet medical supply stores.

Tools of the Trade

Pet surgical supplies necessary for the veterinary trade include everything from gloves and bandages to diagnostic equipment and analyzers. Anesthesia machines, fluid warmers and surgery tables are just a few of the tools used for surgery.

CT scanners, MRI equipment and X-ray machines and film help the vet diagnose illness to determine proper treatment. Items familiar to people are also used by vets, such as stethoscopes, needles and syringes. Steam sterilizers, or autoclaves, keep instruments clean, and incubators give babies a better chance of survival. Centrifuges are used for lab work to process blood for analysis.

Ultimately, many of the products that physicians need everyday are also useful to the veterinary. Pet surgical supplies serve the same functions- to diagnose and treat illness in animals, and no vet could do without them. Some online suppliers only sell these items to vets because of their specialized purpose and, in the case of medication, because they are prescription only.

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