Pet Training Products

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pet training products fall into three basic categories: treats, clickers and correction devices. The best training, meaning the most efficient and the most humane, may use a combination of all three. Be sure to use pet training products that are appropriate for your pet's size, age and temperament.

Pet Training Products: Clickers

Clicker training is a relatively new system for teaching behavior with positive reinforcement rather than punishment or correction. The sound of the clicker tells your pet when it's doing something that will pay off in a treat and praise. The use of a clicker instead of your voice makes it simply impersonal communication, without any emotion attached to it. It simply says "yes," and the emotion is conveyed in your praise.

Clicker training is intended to teach good behavior, not stop bad behavior. Instead of yelling at your dog or kneeing him for jumping up, you click him for sitting. Once the behavior is learned, you don't need to use the clicker, only the reward. Since there is no physical force or dominance involved, clicker training can be appropriate for even very young pups.

Correction devices, such as choke chains and shock collars, are pet training products that take the alernate approach: any behavior that is not wanted is corrected by pain, noise, electric shock or spray. Some trainers use an approach that is diametrically opposed to clicker training. That is, they correct the animal until it does the intended behavior, then stop the correction. This seems unnecessarily punitive, and leaves the animal having to guess what it is you want, while under the stress of the correction. A better method is to train your pet to a specific behavior by other methods, then use the correction device to say "no" when he doesn't behave properly.

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