Pet Training Tips

Written by Sarah Provost
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Here area a few basic pet training tips for those who are considering getting a new puppy. The first order of business is to regulate where your pet eliminates. Use these pet training tips consistently, and be patient; it takes a couple of weeks to housebreak any pup.

Pet Training Tips for Housebreaking

The best way to housebreak a puppy is to take him outside frequently and on a regular schedule, and to keep a close eye on him when he's in the house. Designate a spot close to where you leave the house and take him directly there. Don't play or explore until he has done his business, then praise him and give him a treat. (Don't wait until you go back in; he won't know what he's being rewarded for.) While he is eliminating, use a phrase like "do your business" that you can use to remind him what he's there for.

Indoors, keep him in the same room with you by use of doors and gates, or by tethering him on a long line tied around your waist. Take him out immediately if he starts sniffing or circling. If he has already started, make a loud noise (a soda can full of beans is good) and take him outside immediately. Do not punish an animal after the fact, no matter how soon you find the evidence. He will have no idea what you're upset about.

This is by far the best way to train a pup, but if you can't always be home every two hours or keep him under close supervision, here are some pet training tips that may help. If you can take him out every two hours, but can't always watch him, put him in a crate just big enough for him to move around in comfortably. He will not want to make a mess he can't get away from. The other alternative is to train him to paper. In this case, be sure he has plenty of room for a sleeping area, a play area, and a waste area. There's one major drawback to paper training, though. For the rest of his life, he may use any paper he finds lying around the house.

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