Pet Treats

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pet treats are an essential part of training your pet, as well as a way of bonding. There are formulations that will tickle the taste buds of many different species. And for those who really want to spoil their pets, there are recipes available so you can make Swoosie her own homemade cookies.

Pet Treats for Dogs

Doggie breath is a problem for your best friend, so many of the most popular dog treats contain chlorophyll the help fight bacteria and freshen breath. Chewable pet treats helps even more, because the physical act of chewing helps clean the teeth, and the increased production of saliva also cleanses. It's best to give your dog treats specifically made for him, rather than table scraps, since many foods they like are unhealthy for them or downright toxic, such as chocolate.

Cats, too, love their treats. Again, the ones specifically prepared are healthier than a spoonful of herring or a saucer of milk. (Many cats cannot tolerate cow's milk, which upsets their digestive tract.) Of course, for most cats, a sprinkle of catnip is the best treat of all!

Rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and even fish appreciate a treat now and then. For small mammals, flavored chew sticks help keep their teeth from overgrowing. Yogurt tablets are very popular with rabbits, birds like seed cakes with honey, and tropical fish like a taste of dried brine shrimp now and then. Feed your pet treats wisely, just as you would with children -- as an occasional indulgence, not as a replacement for healthy meals.

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