Pet Water Fountains

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pet water fountains assure your pet of a constant supply of fresh drinking water. All animals prefer to drink from a moving rather than standing water source. The water tastes better and stays fresher because the movement breaks the surface tension of the liquid. This draws in oxygen and aerates the liquid.

Pump-Powered Pet Water Fountains

There are two basic types of pump-powered pet water fountains: those which recirculate the water in a seeping motion, and those that let a stream of water fall into the dish. Both types aerate the water and keep it fresh, while removing bacteria and impurities through a charcoal filter. They come in two sizes, for cats and small dogs and for larger dogs.

Cats, particularly, should be encouraged to drink a lot of water. Their urinary tracts are prone to blockages and crystallization of minerals. Pet water fountains help prevent these ailments, which are painful for the cat and expensive for the owner, The falling-water style is particularly good for cats, who like to play with the stream. If your cat likes to bat at running water from a faucet or dips her paw in her water dish, this is the fountain to get.

There are also outdoor water dishes, primarily for dogs, that can be attached to a garden hose to ensure a constant supply of fresh water. A float keeps the level of water in the dish constant, and there are tabs to secure it so the dog doesn't push it around the yard. Since this type has no moving parts and needs no power source, it is less expensive that the pump-powered fountains.

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