Remote Dog Trainers

Written by Sarah Provost
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Remote dog trainers are collars capable of administering a mild electrostatic shock when activated by a trainer, who can be some distance away. These devices are highly effective for eliminating unwanted behavior and for reinforcing obedience to signals the dog has already learned. They are not to be used to teach an animal what to do, but rather, what NOT to do.

Remote dog trainers are to be used as a correction device. If a dog is off the leash and, for example, starts to chase a squirrel into the street, the trainer can administer an immediate signal that says, "no!" If, on the other hand, you want the dog to learn to come when called, and try to teach that behavior by shocking him repeatedly until he figures out what you want, the dog will become confused and frightened. The proper behavior will be discovered only by chance, and so this is a very ineffective way of using a training collar.

The best teaching method is to reward good behavior with praise and treats. Once the behavior has been learned, it is then appropriate to correct bad behavior with shocks from remote dog trainers. Most shock collars are capable of being set at varying levels; always use the lowest level that will get the dog's attention.

Safe Use of Remote Dog Trainers

Training collars can be inadvertently activated by electrical interference. If a dog should get a correction when he is behaving properly, he'll be confused. For this reason, you should take the collar off the animal except when in an active training session. It's also a very good idea to put the collar on your arm and feel the various levels of shock for yourself before you use it on your dog. Finally, be sure to use a collar designed for your dog's size. You don't want to give a schnauzer a Doberman-sized shock!

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