Underground Dog Fences

Written by Sarah Provost
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Underground dog fences use a wire cable that you bury around the edges of the area where you want your dog contained. The dog wears a collar which emits a signal locating the dog relative to the boundary. As the dog approaches the boundary, it is first warned by a beeping signal. If it continues to approach, it receives a shock. Most dogs learn to stay in the "safe" zone within three days.

What to Look for in Underground Dog Fences

Containment systems vary widely, so it's important to do some comparison shopping. One feature to look for is a digital signal. These systems are able to filter out environmental signals from radios, cell phones, appliances, etc., thus assuring that your dog receives no false corrections.

Another valuable feature is a dual or escalating correction zone. These underground dog fences give your dog a warning, either a sound or a very brief and mild shock, when it approaches the barrier. If the dog continues to approach, both the sound and the intensity of the shock increase. This makes training much easier and is more humane, since the dog can control the level of the correction. Some systems can also sense the speed at which the dog is approaching. If it is running at the boundary, it gives a maximum correction instantly. This limits the possibility of your dog running through the signal.

Finally, look for a system that has an auto-off, in case your dog should somehow become trapped in the correction zone. This feature cuts off the signal if the dog remains in the shock zone for more than 30 seconds. With these advanced features, underground dog fences can be an effective and very humane way of training your pet.

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