Vet Supplies

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Vet Supplies for the Health and Happiness of Your Pet

Our pets give us companionship and unconditional love. Keeping them healthy and happy ensures many years of the benefits our pets give us. Essential to this are the pet medical supplies necessary for their well-being. California Vet Supply is your source for information on all of your pet's health needs.

Medications and More

Thankfully, there are many online suppliers that carry a full line of the medications your pet needs to live a long and active life. Everything from antibiotics and pain relief to products for dental/oral health, insulin syringes and flea control can be found on quality online sites. Ordering vet supplies is quick and convenient when you shop online.

Does your pet have special requirements? Having the right medications and products for your pets can make all the difference in the quality of their lives. Whether your cat needs her favorite toy, or your dog his arthritis relief, you can find an online site that will provide you with the vet supplies that add to their comfort.

Name Brands at Discount Prices

Frontline, Advantage and Knockout for flea and tick control, pharmaceutical grade antibiotics such as cephalexin and amoxicillin, and nutritional supplements from Naturvet are a few of the non-prescription pet supplies available to both pet owners and the veterinarian trade. Low prices and wide selection make online shopping for vet supplies quick and easy.

Alternatives to more well-known name brands are also available online. Not sure which product is right for your pet? The ever-growing list of new medications and supplies for veterinary use can make choosing the appropriate pet supplies difficult. With thousands of products to choose from, expert advice is often necessary.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Pet's Health

Our pets rely on us for their care and well-being. Early diagnosis and treatment of disease with the proper medications is essential in animals just as it is in humans. For example, 3.2 million dogs in the U.S. have some form of heart disease. In cats, the amino acid taurine helps prevent this disease. Another common disease is heartworm, which affects both dogs and cats and is transmitted through mosquito bite from one animal to another. This and other parasites also affect livestock and horses. Wormers are available in liquid and powder form as well as tablets. Did you know that canine distemper is the greatest threat to your dog's health? Eighty percent of puppies with distemper are likely to die from it. Vaccines prevent this deadly disease, and ointments such as Terramycin treat related infections.

Even if your pet is healthy, nutrition can be assured through the use of supplements which provide necessary vitamins and minerals. Oral health, maintained with the use of dental care products such as oral rinses and chews, makes meal time a pleasure for your pet. And the many products available for insect control help keep your animals comfortable.

The right vet supplies can make all the difference to your pet's health and happiness. Finding them is easy when you shop online. Here's to your pet's long and healthy life!

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