Vet Supply

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The Importance of Veterinary Care

Many pet supplies are available only through veterinarians and vet supply stores. While many aspects of general animal care can be handled by pet owners, some health and hygiene issues require a vet's expertise and access to prescription products. For example, a dog showing signs of an infection such as high fever and listlessness will need an expert's diagnosis.

A vet can then prescribe medication strong enough to combat the infection. Many pet supply stores cater to the veterinary trade, and some only deal with licensed veterinarians.

Wide Variety of Vet Supply

Vet supply offers a larger selection of products than is available to the general public. Vets, like their colleagues in human medicine, need a large assortment of support items and tools to take care of animals. Surgical instruments and gloves, syringes, anesthetics, sterilizing and disinfectants and diagnostic equipment are tools of the trade that no vet can be without. Vet supply stores and sources are invaluable resources for the veterinarian.

Compresses, medical bags and trays and basins are often necessary items for a vet to have on hand. Needles collect blood and catheters help explore arteries for blockages. Prescription-strength soaps and lotions can be used by vets to relieve eczema and other skin conditions. The proper supplies make animal care easier and more effective for the veterinary professional.

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