Wholesale Pet Supplies

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Buy in Bulk and Save

Wholesale pet supplies can provide a way to buy in bulk and save money. Products that an animal uses on a daily basis can be purchased in large quantity to prevent frequent trips online or to the pet supply store. Even if large quantities are not needed or wanted, pet owners can still often save money getting their items through wholesale pet supply sources.

Low Prices and Wide Selection

Many wholesale pet suppliers do business over the internet, and a quick look at their websites often reveals monthly specials, overstocks, closeouts and seasonal items that can't be found anywhere else. If your pet needs a Halloween costume or a new sweater, you can find them at the same place that carries your pet's medications and supplements.

Prescription items can be obtained at prices that are often lower than the vet's office. One-stop convenience makes wholesale shopping an attractive option for busy pet owners.

Wholesale Pet Supplies for Retailers

Wholesale is not just for pet owners; retailers and pet professionals also buy in quantity from discount pet suppliers. Groomers can get their brushes, combs and shampoos while trainers can buy leads, electronic collars and agility equipment and save on the items that they use and re-sell. Wholesale pet supplies work for everyone!

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