Wholesale Pet Supply

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Pet Supply for the Professional

Many of those in the pet care profession find it necessary to buy products in quantity from wholesale pet supply stores. Some pet care items sold by retailers are not available to the general public in wholesale quantities and prices. Veterinarians, groomers, pet stores, kennels, trainers and breeders can pay lower prices for bulk pet supplies.

Wholesale for the Pet Owner

Wholesale pet supply, while necessary for the professional and retailer, is not limited to those who retail pet supplies. Pet owners can benefit from the discounts offered by many wholesalers. Shopping online or through pet supply catalogs can save pet owners money on the supplies and medications they need.

Products range from pet toys and treats to wound care and insect control. Many wholesalers can offer low prices to consumers because they buy large quantities for retailers.

Wholesale Pet Supply Offers Wide Selection

Pet owners, as well as those who make pets their business, can enjoy a large selection of the products that are widely advertised and familiar, and those that are usually known only to the veterinary trade. The advantages of wholesale purchasing is evident to those who need the best selection at the best prices.

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