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Pets As A Christmas Gift

Written by bookcollector23
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Each Year, someone gives a Kitten or a puppy as a Christmas gift. True , they are so cute., warm and adorable. But, a baby puppy or kitten with a red bow tied around it's neck and stuffed into a stocking has long been a time honored tradition of being a perfect Christmas gift, when in fact....It's not the case!`
In fact, in most cases , if a puppy or a kitten has been given to a child for a present,
the parent will end up taking care of this "Gift" long after the child has gotten bored with the crying puppy or kitten.
Sometimes the child will get bitten or scratched with a pet that no longer wants to play!~
Sometimes as well, a woman will get a "Pet Christmas Present ", and break up with the guy and not want his gift anymore!~
What people have to realize is that they are giving a "Life to a "Life"
The adoption agencies ,pounds, or kennels must treat animals as if they are adopting out babies!`
They should follow up on the homes and adoptive parents for weeks or even months afterwards. The pet adoption laws need to be very strict. As it stands now...they are just looking for a sale!~
Animals are expected to live twenty years ...or more. Something needs to be done? If not, the christmas gift will be on the curb, with the dead , brown bristles of the old, dried up Christmas tree
and that puts them in danger.
There is no reason for this cruelity.

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