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    HUD Homes In Portland

    Portland is the largest city in Oregon, located on both sides of the Williamette River, just inland of the Pacific Ocean. The city is perhaps best known for its smart urban planning, and it keeps an elected commission to continue this trend of environmentally-friendly "new urbanism." It is a sophisticated city, and the deliberate design of its city blocks and neighborhoods is a model for other growing cities.

    Finding a Home in Portland

    Portland is an expensive city to live in, and property values are fairly higher than the national average. Appreciation is also minimal, despite the fact that there are few unoccupied residences, perhaps because the city has seen remarkably little population growth in recent years.

    Economically, the city has seen little growth in recent years, although there are optimistic forecasts for the near future. Unemployment is around the national average, and few new jobs are being created. Overall, the economy in Portland is stable, but otherwise unremarkable.

    Recently, the federal government has allocated over $50 million in new HUD funding. This means that Portland is an excellent market to look for realty, especially if you are a first-time homeowner or minority. If you qualify for assistance, the high real estate prices in the area may well come within your reach.