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    Texas State Housing

    Depending on their age, marital, and/or class-level status, students at Texas State have multiple housing possibilities. Essentially, juniors and seniors may live anywhere they want, as may students over 21, or those who are married. However, according to the university website, all unmarried students under the age of 21 and who have completed less than 56 credits are required to live in the Texas State residence halls.

    Unofficial student guides abound as to which residence halls are cool, and which ones are better avoided. Granted, factors of "cool" can change from year to year, and class to class. However, for several years running, it's been pretty much agreed that San Marcos Hall, with its private bathrooms, 24 hour visitation, and very own movie theatre is the hands-down best-of, while Jackson Hall is considered the big groaner.

    Of course, most students who are able to prefer to live off-campus. It's perfectly understandable, and thanks to a pretty open rental market, not too hard to accomplish. Be advised, however, that many neighborhoods are getting a little cranky with their temporary student neighbors, and are trying to crack down on home rentals to students.

    Apartment Housing in San Marcos

    The best housing for students may not be privately owned homes, but rather the many thriving apartment communities found in San Marcos. Apartment homes in San Marcos come in a variety of budgets, floorplans, and community amenities. San Marcos professional apartment locators are very helpful in terms of helping students find the best apartment community for them, and they provide this service for free. Many apartment communities, for instance, offer price breaks and rental reductions to students who come to them via professional locators. Contact a professional San Marcos apartment locator to see if they can help hook you up with the perfect apartment, at a great unadvertised rate.