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    In the past few years, Chandler Arizona real estate has experienced a jump in popularity. Though the construction of a new highway and a lot of business development has brought Chandler "closer" to Phoenix, the city has managed to retain a small town feel, complete with sheep and dairy cows. High tech development is in full swing, as well, with Intel and Motorola both in a list of the city's top five employers.

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    Chandler Arizona real estate fills a 71 square mile area just to the southeast of Tempe. According to the 2000 census, approximately 70 percent of the people in Chandler have some college education, making it one of the most educated cities around Phoenix. The median age of 31 years and the proximity to ASU suggest that many professionals moved to residential Chandler after studying at the University.

    New homes in Chandler are slightly more expensive than in other metro Phoenix cities. They can run over 200,000 dollars, a figure that reflects the recently skyrocketing interest in Chandler Arizona real estate. Moreover, many of the new homes that are being developed in Chandler are luxury homes.

    The history of Chandler is marked by innovation. The founder of the town, Dr. Chandler, was the first veterinarian in Arizona. In 1912, he advertised his new town, became the mayor after incorporation in 1920, and watched as ostrich ranches flourished. After the demand for ostrich feathers subsided, the federal government chose Chandler for a new military base. Now, the many tech companies that fill Chandler continue the city's tradition for innovative solutions to economic demand.