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    Pemberton Properties

    Pemberton properties run the gamut from farms to sophisticated mountain chalets, and everything in-between. While first settled as a farming community by disillusioned gold prospectors, the world has found this area of British Columbia through the advent of train service around 1915, and later the road that connected it with the larger Whistler and Vancouver to the south. It was originally settled by the Salish tribe at Mount Currie and at the head of Lillooet Lake, and the Europeans came much later.

    Pemberton Properties Are In High Demand

    This once sleepy community has been experiencing unheard of growth in recent years, and today Pemberton properties are highly sought after prizes. Many young families can still find housing opportunities here that they can't find to the south, and the Pemberton properties they do find offer them a wonderful lifestyle. Yet these affordable Pemberton properties for the first-time homebuyer are rapidly dwindling.

    Pemberton is said to be one of the fastest growing areas of Canada, and the prices are growing just as fast. Today, the average home cost is around $188,000 (USD), and that figure represents a growth of over 500% in the past 15 years alone. Considering the anticipated demand for Pemberton properties, the growth of the past will pall by comparison to that of the future. Large resort properties are seeking approval to begin construction north of town, and if approved will put Pemberton properties in the center of two major resort destinations.

    The time to buy Pemberton properties was yesterday. That phrase will echo over and over as the coming years pass, and each year will see prices climbing higher and higher. There is no limit to the cost of Pemberton properties in the future, because the beauty, proximity, and availability of land will become a beacon to investors worldwide.