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Glendale Apartments

Written by Jill Morrison
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Glendale apartments are a reasonable alternative to living in LA. LA can be very expensive due to its great year-round climate and numerous options of things to do. Glendale offers the same warm climate and is just north of LA, but with more reasonable rent prices.

Glendale has many options for activities and places to visit. It is home to the Alex Theatre and the beautiful Descanso Gardens. Glendale also offers choices in colleges and universities for adult students and a good system for undergraduate education as well.

Glendale spans a land area of 30.6 square miles. The population is approximately 195,000 with a median resident age of 37.5 years. Glendale is reasonably close to Los Angeles, so you can also experience the excitement of LA with after a short driving trip.

Finding Glendale Apartments

You can find options for Glendale apartments for rent by checking listings in newspapers or on the Internet. Online services can help you to locate Glendale apartments that meet your requirements in price and features. There may be a small fee for using these services, but the benefits are definitely worth the price.

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