Arizona Golf Properties

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Arizona has an abundance of spectacularly beautiful golf courses throughout the state. There are over 300 courses, which puts it in the top 20 states in terms of number of golf courses. Property is available on 44 percent of these courses, but the living on them comes at a high price.

Living on a golf course certainly has it advantages. For one, the scenery could not be more amazing, with beauty stretching out as far as the eye can see. Also, many of these courses reserve golf memberships for the property owners on their courses. These memberships, however, come at significant prices. However, for the golf aficionado who appreciates the advantages of a "home course," it may be well worth the price.

Finding Golf Properties in Arizona

When looking for property on a golf course, the first thing that should be considered is location. If the property will be for a vacation or getaway home, anywhere in Arizona would be perfect. Tucson and Scottsdale have some amazing golf course communities, and the surrounding areas are also great for vacationing. Many people, however, buy homes and property on golf courses to serve as their primary residence.

Once the location is decided, a good real estate agent will be invaluable to finding the right golf course home. Whether it is a lot for building or a finished home, townhouse or condo, an agent will be most familiar with what is available. There are several community fees associated with living on a golf course, and an agent can help sort through them all.

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