Chandler Luxury Homes

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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Like many other popular communities around Phoenix, Chandler luxury homes are packed with modern amenities for a great lifestyle. Unlike the other cities around Phoenix, however, Chandler's interesting history and contemporary landscape allow it to stand out as a truly unique place to live. The increasing amount of interest in Chandler has led to a rapid pace of development that has given the city great contemporary character.

Many Chandler luxury homes are single family, detached houses that can comfortably fit a large or extended family. In some cases, these houses are in planned communities that feature many safety features, such as gated entrances and great street lighting. Many neighborhoods also encourage the development of a strong sense of community, with community activities, organizations, and community recreation areas such as pools and parks.

Enhancing the Popularity of Chandler Luxury Homes

Many Chandler homes are adjacent to the city's great golf courses. These courses offer recreation for residents and also help bring in a little business from the surrounding neighborhoods. Chandler's golf courses stand out by offering some of the best golfing deals in the Phoenix Area.

The market for Chandler luxury homes is supported by a booming tech industry in Chandler. Tempe (which is just to the north of Chandler) and Chandler both share an overwhelmingly large percentage of Arizona's tech presence, led by industry leaders such as Intel and Motorola. The city councils of both towns focus on strong economic development that is anchored by great residential lifestyle.

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